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Humanities Education

This guide supports prep to year 12 humanities teaching, and humanities education research.

Where to find the curriculum and media collections

The Education Curriculum and Media Collections can be found on Level 1 of the Giblin Eunson Library. 

Discover a range of resources to support your assessment tasks and placements: 3D-objects, models, toys, games, big books, board books, picture books, young adult fiction, DVDs, CDs, charts, pictures and multi-piece sets.

This guide also features streamed videos and digital resources you can access online and use within your teaching.

Library catalogue search for curriculum resources


Enter your topic keywords.  You can search across all of our Education Curriculum Collections or you can select 1 of 6 specific collection (from drop-down menu). eg Textbook collection, Picture Books, Junior fiction collection or Kits collection.

Note: the Junior fiction collection is aimed at readers ages 8-18 - select this option if you want to find Young Adult fiction


Booking media collections and kits


Academics can book materials to be used in teaching for specific future dates. 

To organise this please contact Fransie at .  For more information regarding bookings or the types of media available refer to the Media Collections for Education library guide.

Streamed video for the classroom

Streamed videos from the Library can be incorporated into your lessons during placement or used for your own learning. The videos play immediately and are accessible 24/7

How to find streamed videos

  1. Search the Library catalogue and limit results to online videos

  2. Alternatively, search these databases for streamed videos:

  • Kanopy This platform provides diverse streamed video content including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases from leading distributors and film-makers. It includes content suitable for K-12 lessons and teacher education development resources.
  • Education in Video (Alexander Street Press) is a collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. The collection includes teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms.
  • Alexander Street Video offers video, audio and text-based resources covering an extensive range of subjects. This site allows users to cross-search the content purchased by the University of Melbourne Library (including Education in Video).
  • EduTV provides access to broadcast programs from free-to-air and pay TV channels in Australia.

New to streaming media?

Want to know how to create short clips for your classroom?

Featured streamed history videos


Steps leading up to the tower of a Medieval stone castle

Life in the Middle Ages: The Noble (click image to view video)

The following selection of streamed videos can either be integrated within lessons in different subject areas or used to contribute toward professional development for humanities teachers.

Other new History streaming videos

Attila the Hun ANZAC Girls [TV series]
Egypt Old Kingdom Berlin Wall
Empires: Islam [series] The Cold War Part One 1945-1961
Empires: Japan [series] The Cold War Part Two 1962-1991
Life in the Middle Ages: The Doctor The German Occupation of Belgium
Life in the Middle Ages: The Serf Industrial Revolution
Lost Worlds: Vikings [series] Pax Britannica
New Kingdom Egypt Winning World War I
Spice Routes & Silk Roads World Revolutions: The French Revolution
Warriors: The Shogun World Revolutions: The Russian Revolution

An expanded list of History videos aligned to VELS curriculum areas can be found here

Featured streamed geography videos


Protesters gather with anti-climate change posters

Hungry Tides (click image to view video)

The following selection of streamed videos can either be integrated within lessons in different subject areas or used to contribute toward professional development for humanities teachers.

Other new Geography streaming videos

The Crisis of Civizliation End of the Rainbow
The End of Poverty? Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh
The State of the Planet Post-Carbon Futures
Many Ways to See the World Earth of Edge [series]
A Passion for Sustainability People of the Savannah
A Changing Delta People of the Forest
Teaching Geography [series] People of the Arctic Circle
Connected People of the Coast
A Closer Walk Since the Company Came
Africa Rising Hot Planet

Featured streamed citizenship and civics videos

The following selection of streamed videos explore issues related to Civics and Citizenship in Australia and internationally, these resources can be integrated within lessons, used to inspire learning activities or used to contribute toward professional development.