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Music Theatre

This guide will point you to Music Theatre resources available at the University of Melbourne Library

Find Scores

The University of Melbourne has a large music score collection located at the Southbank Library. They are arranged according to a unique in-house classification system. This system organises scores by grouping each instrument or style together on the shelves.

For example:

  • M    = Voice and Piano

  • MA  = Vocal Albums

  • ML  = Popular Song

  • RM  = Musicals

For more information about our score collection, and how to search it, please visit the Finding Music Scores guide.

Subject Headings

The following subject searches will give you an overview of the current musical titles available in piano and full score:   

Note that not all the results will be books - there may be other item types such as CDs, DVDs or music scores. Results can then be filtered in the catalogue (using the right-hand dropdown-menu) to show only Music Scores.

Real Books

The Southbank Library has a large collection of Real/Fake Books, held in the High Use Collection on ground floor.

You can search for the music for the song you need by:

Using the following Subject Headings can also be a useful way of browsing our collection of Real/Fake Books.


The Southbank Library holds the libretti for many works of Musical Theatre. These can be searched in the catalogue in the manner described in the Find Books page, or by using a Subject search. The most useful Subject search for libretti is:

If you are browsing the shelves, Libretti can usually be found at call number 782.140268.