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Research Impact for Business & Economics - a self-help guide

h-index Scopus

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1. Go to Scopus

2. Search for Author name or Title of Paper and click on Author

3. From author profile, click on h-index for h-index summary



h-index Web of Science

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1. Go to Web of Science

2. Click on +More to reveal ‘Author Search’

3. Enter author surname and first initial in labeled boxes

Note: you can click through to select research domains and organisations – this is optional

4. Click ‘Finish Search’

Note: The results will show all articles that match the author but these will be sorted into Article Groups

5. Click on the ‘Article Groups’ link and check all the boxes from the correct author

6. Click on ‘View records’

7. Click ‘Create Citation Report’

h-index Google Scholar

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1. Go to Google Scholar

2. Type the full name of the author

3. If a profile exists for the author, it will appear at the top of the results list

4. Click on the link to view the profile and h-index