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Research Impact for Business & Economics - a self-help guide

Keeping your profiles up to date

The aim of this page is to help you maintain your Researcher profiles in the various databases.  It presumes that you have an ORCiD, ResearcherID, Google Scholar Profile and Scopus Author Identifier. If you have not yet created a researcher profile in ORCiD, ResearcherID or Google Scholar Profile, you need to do this first.  The Scopus Author Identifier is created and owned by Scopus and exists for all authors with papers harvested in the Scopus database.

Maintaining your profiles should not be an overwhelming task and if you can schedule it into your workflow, either on a regular basis or when you have new papers and content to add, it should be very manageable.

Checking Researcher Profiles - Step by Step


Start from your ORCiD profile page (this should have links to your Google Scholar, Scopus and Researcher ID profiles).


Google Scholar - Go to Google Scholar Profile, Log in and accept or reject the Updates offered (Make sure Google Scholar is configured to send you an email notification when there are possible papers to be added).


Scopus Author ID - Go to your Scopus Author ID.  If the latest papers are linked to the ID then all is OK – go to Step 5.  If not, then go to Step 4.


Log into Scopus via the Library link (or from your bookmarked link)

  1. Use the Author search to find Author profiles for your name (the new papers may have been added under a different author profile):             

  1. Identify the profiles that contain the new papers as well as the existing main profile and follow the prompts in Scopus to Request a Merge of these profiles.  An email will be sent from Scopus to confirm this request.
  2. Now Follow the prompts in Scopus to add the new papers to ORCiD.


ResearcherID - Log into Web of Science via the Library link (or from your bookmarked link)

  1. Log into the ResearcherID profile from the ‘My Tools’ link on the right of the Search page.
  2. Select ‘All Databases’ and search for the new papers (a Title keyword search is usually the best option)
  3. Select the new papers and choose the Option to add these to your ResearcherID profile (Save to ResearcherID - I wrote these)


If new papers are not listed in Scopus, you can choose to add them to ORCiD from ResearcherID if they are listed there (see screenshot below), or from a BibTex file (this can be exported from Endnote or other Bibliographic Software and from Google Scholar).  See ORCiD help pages for how to do this.




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