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Using Saved Lists in Scopus and Web of Science

The Saved List options in Scopus and Web of Science allow you to create a list of papers that may be for a particular author, a range of authors or or on a topic.

In Scopus, Saved Lists can be .

In Web of Science Marked Lists (Saved Lists)  can be used to build Citation reports, further Analyze results and be exported to Incites : Benchmarking & Analytics to create data sets.

Saved Lists in Scopus

1. Go to Scopus
2. Log into your Scopus account
3. Search the first name or term
3. Select All and click on Save to list, you will be prompted to name or new list or add the results to an existing list.  repeat and add as needed.
4. When finished searching, go to the Lists page and select the appropriate List.
5. You can then work with the List, Analyze the results, Export to Scival or other programs etc.

Web of Science - Creating a Saved List

2. Search for the first name or term
3. On the results page, click on Add to Marked List and select the range to be added (e.g.: 1-70)
4. Repeat for each additional name or term and add them to the Marked List
5. When finished searching, go the Marked List, you can Create  Citation report, Analyze Results or export the list.  Only Core Collection records can be exported to Incites.
6. To Save the List you will need to login to your Web Of Science (Endnote, Incites) account

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