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Research Impact for Business & Economics - a self-help guide

Article Metrics


Article Metrics
In this section we have included metrics that are generally applied to a single article however, some can be applied to a collection of articles.

Please use the sub menu for instructions on generating these metrics.

Citation Count

The number of times an article has been cited

Tools: Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar

Article Ranking

Article ranking in this section is a method of searching by topic and then sorting the results by citation count. A specific article can then be manually identified as being within a certain percentage range.

Tools: Scopus, Web of Science

Field Weighted Citation Impact

Field Weighted Citation Impact in this section looks at identifying this metric for a single article

Tools: Scopus


Altmetrics are alternative metrics such as social media mentions, downloads etc.

Tools: Altmetric Explorer, PlumX Metrics, Journal web pages