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First Nations in Education

 Curriculum Resources

  • Ngarrngga - High-quality curriculum resources made by educators for educators, in collaboration with highly respected Indigenous Knowledge Experts. This is a University of Melbourne Signature Project, a collaboration between the Faculty of Education, Indigenous Studies Unit and Indigenous Knowledge Institute.
  • Narragunnawali provides curriculum and professional learning resources that support educators to teach about Reconciliation and to facilitate a greater understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

Searching the Library Catalogue for Curriculum Resources

Suggested terms to incorporate in your search:  (Indigenous or Aboriginal) and australia*

You can search across all of our Education Curriculum Collections or you can select 1 of 7 specific collection. e.g. Australian Indigenous Knowledges collection or all collections using the dropdown menu.


Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History and Culture: Perspectives from Indigenous Australians

Dr Jeanine Leane’s article ‘Teaching with BlackWords’provides guidance on embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture in teaching within the context of the national curriculum.

Suggested reading for critique on the Australian Curriculum via The Conversation: Pyning for Indigenous rights in the Australian Curriculum by Gary Foley and Elizabeth Muldoon.

Curriculum Links

Links to relevant sections of the Australian Curriculum website with information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross curriculum priorities.

The 8 Aboriginal ways of learning is an Aboriginal pedagogy framework which guides the incorporation of indigenous perspectives.