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New Students' Library Guide

Your introduction to Library services, spaces and resources at the University of Melbourne.

Borrow a book, or a hundred.

You will need your student or staff card to borrow from our libraries.

Visit the Borrowing Information page for details about our borrowing conditions.

Borrowing information

Locating a book on the shelf

The University of Melbourne Library organises its collections by using Dewey Decimal Classification (with the exception of the Law and the East Asian collections). You don't need to remember what the numbers mean, but it can help to be familiar with the top level categories for your area of study

Each item has a call number which is like the book's address on our shelves. This number is made up from numbers which indicate the general category the book belongs to, numbers which indicate the specific topic, and letters that give further details about the author or title.



To get to the subclass for the book The Planets by Carmel Reilly the Dewey number grows like this:

500               Natural Sciences and Maths
523               Specific celestial bodies
523.4            Planets

523.4 REIL   The Planets by Carmel Reilly


The catalogue record tells you which floor of which library houses the book and which level the book is located on. Every one of our book shelves has a number range listed on it to help you find books more quickly.

If you ever need help finding a book on the shelves, please ask a library staff member at our service desks or one of our Student Library Assistants.

How to borrow and return books

This video shows someone borrowing books from the library using the self service check out machine.
This video shows someone using the book returns chute at the Baillieu Library. You can return books to any branch.

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