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Actuarial Studies

A guide to resources for Actuarial Studies.

Actuarial Studies

This guide has been designed to help you find scholarly and other quality resources for your accounting assignments and research in the following courses below:


Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Actuarial Studies) : If you choose to major in actuarial studies, you will have a firm grounding in the traditional actuarial skill set of mathematics, statistics, demography, finance and economics. Specifically, you’ll learn from subjects covering actuarial techniques and life insurance modelling, through to the mathematics of finance and insurance risk models.


Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science : The Melbourne Business School's Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science is a one-year degree that prepares you to enter the actuarial profession. Graduate Diploma students can apply to transfer to the Master of Actuarial Science if you wish to gain additional benefits offered by the two-year degree.

Master of Actuarial Science : Melbourne Business School's Master of Actuarial Science is the fastest graduate pathway to prepare you for the actuarial profession. Graduates of this degree will be analytical in the application of actuarial theory, knowledge, principles, techniques and data. They will be problem solvers capable of explaining, applying and critically evaluating the use of actuarial models, particularly in relation to insurance and superannuation.

Master of Commerce (Actuarial Science) : Melbourne Business School's Master of Commerce (Actuarial Science) is for students who hold an actuarial degree and wish to pursue their actuarial training further. With a broad grounding in quantitative techniques in insurance and financial risk modelling, graduates of this program will be well positioned to pursue a professional career in the actuarial domain and related fields. It focuses on actuarial theory and practice, specialising in quantitative techniques for insurance, superannuation and financial risk modelling. The program has a ‘practice’ pathway, which focuses on advanced professional training, and a ‘research’ pathway, which prepares students for the PhD in Actuarial Studies.

Doctor of Philosophy (Business & Economics) : The Doctoral Program will prepare you for research and teaching careers at top-ranked educational institutions and for careers where world-class research and advanced analytical skills are necessary. We offer an innovative doctoral program structure in the disciplines of Actuarial Science. 

Doctorate Program in Actuarial Studies : Located within the Department of Economics, the Centre for Actuarial Studies is one of the five teaching units that are fully accredited by the Actuaries Institute. The PhD in Actuarial Studies is a 3-year thesis-only degree offered by the Centre for Actuarial Studies.

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