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This guide has been designed to help you find high quality information resources for your entrepreneurship research and projects and will be most relevant in the following courses.


Bachelor of Commerce :Whether your aim is to work for a large financial consultancy, a tech startup or a social enterprise, studying commerce  teaches you how to operate in the modern business world and provides you with a global qualification. The skills you learn in commerce will be with you for life.


Master of Business Administration : The one-year, full-time MBA is an intensive experience, designed for maximum career impact. Fast paced and challenging, it provides more than the traditional MBA toolkit. While fully developing your business knowledge, you also gain a tight network of inspiring and supportive peers, an adaptive mindset, resilience and the ability to absorb and apply learnings quickly.

Master of Business Administration (Part-time) : The part-time version of our prestigious MBA is designed for busy professionals. As a part-time student, you will see immediate results as you apply what you learn to your current role and workplace, enhancing your career and broadening your opportunities as you study.

Master of Enterprise : The Melbourne Business School's Master of Enterprise program creates skilled leaders, executives and general managers who can drive organisations forward. The program provides established managers and professionals with advanced knowledge in key functional and strategic business areas, enabling you to take your career and your organisation to the next level.

Master of Entrepreneurship : Melbourne Business School's Master of Entrepreneurship will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, launch and grow innovative enterprises and to successfully commercialise products and services.

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