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This guide will help you find quality resources for your economics studies and research.

Economics Guide

This guide has been designed to help you find scholarly and other quality resources for your economics assignments and research and will be most relevant in the following courses or any subject with the prefix of ECON and ECOM.


Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Economics) : A major in economics builds problem-solving skills that are applicable to careers in business and government. It will teach you how to analyse and interpret data and will equip you with the tools to find smart solutions for the numerous problems confronting governments and the commercial world.

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Economics) : Description as above 

Bachelor of Arts Extended (Major in Economics) : Description as above 

Bachelor of Agriculture (Major in Agricultural Economics) : This major will provide graduates with a depth and breadth of understanding of economics in the context of agricultural production systems. Students will study subjects in economics, resource and farm management, and value chain analysis. Graduates of this major will be well equipped to analyse agricultural systems from an economic perspective, and provide advice on management decision making.


Graduate Diploma in Economics : If you are looking for flexibility by completing a shorter graduate qualification in economics, the Melbourne Business School's Graduate Diploma in Economics provides this. You should acquire and be able to apply the skills of a professional economist at an honours level. Those with good results will be eligible for graduate level study in economics and econometrics at the Masters and Graduate Research levels.

Master of Applied Econometrics : Melbourne Business School's Master of Economics offers advanced studies in economics and econometrics. You will gain the skills necessary to practice as a professional economist in the public or private sectors.

Mater of Business Analytics : The Melbourne Business School Master of Business Analytics gives you the skills and knowledge to become a stand-out data scientist—expert in not just maths and information systems but also able to approach analytics with the strategic perspective of the business mind.

Master of Economics : Graduates of the Master of Economics will have detailed knowledge of the most recent research in the disciplines of economics and econometrics and will have developed the skills needed to make their own contributions to that research. Graduates will leave as critical thinkers in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. 

Doctorate Program in Economics : The Melbourne Business School's five-year doctoral program in economics is the leading PhD program in the region and sits among the world’s top graduate research programs. This program is jointly offered by the Department of Economics and Australia’s pre-eminent economic and social policy research institution, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. The diversity and depth of available research advisors and research topics in theoretical and applied economics in Australia is unparalleled in the region.

Featured resource

Global Financial Data (GFD)

The Economic Database in GFD provides data on employment and the labour force, production and output, money aggregates, international liquidity, the financial sector and price indices (consumer, wholesale and producer). Other GFD databases included are: Exchange Rate, Government & Debt and the National Accounts.

NOTE: Individual registration is required to use this database. Click on the link above and view the instructions in the NOTE field.