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This guide will help you find quality resources for your finance studies and research.

Finance Guide

This guide has been designed to help you find scholarly and other quality resources for your finance assignments and research and will be most relevant in the following courses or any subjects beginning with FNCE.


Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Finance) : The Finance major covers three key areas: capital markets and financial institutions; investments and financial planning; and corporate finance. Learn how individuals, businesses and institutions raise funds to implement investment strategies. And gain knowledge as to how they allocate these funds to a variety of investment opportunities.


Graduate Diploma in Finance : The course is designed for students with a pre-existing Bachelor of Commerce (or equivalent) to undertake a broader and more comprehensive training in finance than is feasible within an undergraduate degree.

Master in Finance : Melbourne Business School's Master of Finance offers comprehensive preparation for a career in the finance industry for those who have a background in the discipline.

Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) : The Melbourne Business School's Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) provides foundation and advanced studies in the disciplines of accounting and finance. Advanced levels of knowledge and skill in the two disciplines of accounting and finance are developed through a combination of core and elective subjects which will prepare graduates for entry into either the finance or accounting professions.

Master of Management (Finance) : The Master of Management (Finance) will equip you with the professional skills and knowledge to prepare you for the finance profession. The program provides you with a foundation in the various business disciplines and builds a strong base of knowledge in the discipline of finance. As the program progresses, you will focus on advanced studies in finance that enhance your skills in financial analysis.

Graduate Diploma in Tax : The Graduate Diploma in Tax (GDipTax) is a globally-recognised specialist tax law qualification. It’s ideal for lawyers, accountants and other professionals working as tax advisers in business or in government who are looking to take the next step in their careers.

Master of Tax : The Master of Tax (MTax) is a globally-recognised specialist tax law degree. It’s ideal for lawyers, accountants and other professionals working as tax advisers in business or in government who are looking to take the next step in their careers.

Doctorate Program in Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences : The Melbourne Business School's Doctoral program in Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences provides training in the conceptual principles and research techniques across the social, biological and mathematical sciences fields that analyse human decision-making and problem-solving in the context of risk and complexity at individual and market levels. Students will draw on experimental methods and conceptual principles to deliver solutions to key research questions relating to decision-making, risk and financial sciences.

Doctorate Program in Finance : The Melbourne Business School Doctoral Program in Finance has the largest and most well-developed set of doctoral subjects on offer in Australia. Taught by the Department of Finance, which is internationally recognised for its world-class research and research training and augmented by visitors from the world's top finance programs.

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