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Aerial Photography Resources

A guide to aerial photography resources for Melbourne and Victoria.

Aerial Photography @ UniMelb

This guide is intended for use by The University of Melbourne students and research staff.  All hardcopy resources held by the Library Map Collection are viewable within the Map Collection.  

Requests for duplication or copying services from The University of Melbourne staff or students - for research and/or teaching purposes only - should be discussed with Map Collection staff.

Duplication/copy services are not available to members of the public.



Some students have reported not being able to gain access even while using their UniMelb email address. If this is the case please try again while using the university's student VPN service. VPN instructions are here:

Victorian Landata online repository


Victorian Land Tiles Office recordsThis is a fee for service repository of the Victorian government archive digitalised repository 


  • Go to

  • Click the ‘Central Plan Office’ link

  • Select ‘ Historic Aerial Photography - 1930s to 1990s’

  • Register a personal account and login

  • Either search the map for the area of interest or use the tools to navigate the map
    Use the ‘Identify Aerial Photograph’ tool and click on the small coloured dots to gain information and select to add to your cart

    1940’s 1950’s aerial photographs are available free of charge @ but this does not include later material. 

Historical Aerial Photography

All hardcopy resources held by the Library Map Collection are viewable from within the Map Collection.  

Requests for duplication or copying services from University of Melbourne staff or students - for research and/or teaching purposes only - should be discussed with Map Collection staff.

Duplication/copy services are not available to members of the public.

Pre 2000 Aerial Photography held in the Map Collection

All hard copy maps and aerial photographs are held in the Map Collection on the 4th floor in the ERC Library and can be accessed on request. You cannot borrow items held in the Map Collection and copying restricted by copyright law.

Melbourne 1945.  Scale 1:5,660. B&W

  • The Map Collection holds, what is believed to be, the only set left of original photomaps of 1945 Melbourne.
  • These photomaps are orthorectified and annotated with main street, river and suburb names.
  • While the original aerial photography still survives these photomaps have been altered to resemble map sheets.
  • These maps have been digitised (and are now out of copyright restrictions) and placed online in jpeg format for easy access.
  • Index.

Victorian 1945-1960  Scale 1:15,840. B&W

  • While not all of Victoria is covered, this set is very useful for looking at built area and vegetation coverage.
  • Many of the sheets are still within copyright so will not be digitised in the foreseeable future.
  • Please bring your digital camera if you wish to make a copy, as the sheets are old and fragile.
  • Call no.: ERC MAPS S 820 bf (16) 1945-
  • Historical Aerial Photos of Victoria 1940's -1950's

Melbourne 1970.  1:10,000, B&W

  • The Map Collection holds a full set of aerial photographs covering Melbourne.
  • While sheet numbers don't match the index, Map Collection staff can use the run numbers to locate individual sheets.
  • This may take a while if there are no handle landmarks.
  • Please bring your digital camera if you wish to make a copy as the sheets are old and fragile.
  • Call no.: ERC MAPS Z AIR 820.9536 br (10) 1970

Melbourne 1982. 1:25,000, B&W

  • This is a good set of aerial photographs that cover large areas of Melbourne in moderate detail.
  • No index is presently available so Map Collection staff may take a while to find the area you require
  • No copies are able to be made due to copyright restrictions.  The material can be purchased from aerial photography vendors
  • Call no. ERC Z AIR 820.953 br (25) 1982

Melbourne 1989. 1:15,000. Colour

  • This series of aerial photography was the last major set purchased in hard copy by the Map Collection.
  • It covers most of urban Melbourne and some of the rural area on the edges.  At a scale of 1:15 it provides moderate detail, in full colour.
  • Indexes are indicative of run numbers only provide an estimate of sheet numbers for Map Collection staff to look up.
  • Stereo pairs and a single scope are available for use in the Map Collection.
  • No copies are able to be made due to copyright restrictions.  The material can be purchased from aerial photography vendors
  • Call no. Z AIR 821br (15) 1989

Rural Victoria

Digital material for all of the state is available for University of Melbourne students and staff only.  Please contact the Map Collection staff to gain access.  All digital material is provided under a Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment license for education and research usage by University of Melbourne staff and students only.


Victorian Cities and Towns (Hard copy)

Find below a list of Victorian towns for which aerial photography is held, in alphabetical order by place name. Aerial photos for rural Victoria can sometimes be difficult to source. If you are having difficulties, please contact the Map Collection staff for assistance.

These sheets are available by request in hard copy from the Map Collection staff on level 4 of the ERC library.

Town Name Sheet No. Scale Date           Colour or B&W
Aireys Inlet 7721 1:25,000 19-Feb-84 B&W
Albury 8225 1:25,000 24-Oct-91 Colour
Alexandria 8023 1:40,000 10-Feb-82 B&W
Anglesea 7721 1:25,000 19-Feb-84 B&W
Apollo Bay 7620 1:25,000 06-Jan-83 B&W
Ararat 7423 1:25,000 02-Jan-98 B&W
Bacchus Marsh 7722 1:25,000 24-Oct-82 B&W
Bairnsdale 8422 1:25,000 26-Nov-78 B&W
Ballan 7722 1:25,000 13-Dec-77 B&W
Ballarat 7622 1:25,000 10-Sep-81 B&W
Ballarat 7622 1:25,000 30-Nov-90 Colour
Barooga (NSW) 8026 1:25,000 09-Dec-92 Colour
Barwon Heads 7721 1:25,000 17-May-84 B&W
Beach Forest 7620 1:25,000 13-Feb-83 B&W
Beechworth 8225 1:25,000 22-Sep-82 B&W
Bellfield Settlement 7423 1:25,000 08-Jan-80 B&W
Benalla 8024 1:25,000 11-Jan-93 Colour
Bendigo 8024 1:25,000 12-Nov-90 Colour
Bendigo 7724 1:25,000 11-Nov-80 B&W
Beufort 7523 1:25,000 02-Jan-80 B&W
Beulah 7326 1:40,000? 05-Mar-73 B&W
Birchip 7426 1:25,000 17-Nov-78 B&W
Blackwood 7723 1:25,000 22-Dec-89 Colour
Bright 8224 1:50,000 18-Mar-80 B&W
Broadford 7923 1:25,000 24-12-89 Colour
Buchan 8522 1:25,000 29-Jan-92 Colour
Buninyong 7622 1:25,000 10-Sep-81 B&W
Camperdown 7521 1:25,000 10-Mar-83 B&W
Casterton 7122 1:25,000 29-Nov-75 B&W
Castlemaine 7723 1:25,000 22-Dec-89 Colour
Castlemaine 7723 1:25,000 11-Dec-81 B&W
Charlton 7527 1:25,000 15-Dec-78 B&W
Cobram 8026 1:25,000 09-Dec-92 Colour
Cohuna 7626 1:25,000 13-Nov-89 Colour
Colac 7621 1:25,000 12-Dec-82 B&W
Corryong 8425 !:25,000 22-Feb-86 B&W
Coleraine 7222 1:25,000 17-Jan-76 B&W
Creswick 7623 1:25,000 08-Oct-81 B&W
Daylesford 7723 1:25,000 12-Oct-81 B&W
Dimboola 2325 1:25,000 24-Mar-81 B&W
Drouin 8021 1:25,000 12-Jan-90 Colour
Echuca 7825 1:25,000 19-Oct-90 Colour
Echuca 7825 1:40,000 02-Dec-82 B&W
Edenhope 7123 1:25,000 24-Feb-82 B&W
Eildon 8023 1:50,000 31-Dec-78 B&W
Euroa 8024 1:50,000 03-Mar-82 B&W
Euston (NSW) 7428 1:25,000 13-Dec-88 Colour
Fish Creek 8120 1:25,000 10-Dec-80 B&W
Foster 8120 1:25,000 26-Nov-80 B&W
Geelong 7721 1:25,000 01-May-84 B&W
Geelong (Melb metro mosaic) n/a 0.35m pixels   2001 colour; digital
Gordan 7722 1:25,000 13-Dec-77 B&W
Halls Gap 7423 1:25,000 08-Jan-80 B&W
Hamilton 7322 1:25,000 26-Oct-79 B&W
Healesville 8022 1:25,000 04-Nov-82 B&W
Heathcote 7824 1:25,000 22-Dec-89 Colour
Heyfield 8222 1:25,000 ? Colour
Horsham 7324 1:25,000 27-Feb-82 B&W
Inverloch 8020 1:25,000 13-Jan-91 Colour
Kerang 7626 1:40,000 18-Dec-83 B&W
Kilmore 7823 1:25,000 06-Feb-84 B&W
Korumburra 8021 1:25,000 07-Dec-79 B&W
Kyneton 7723 1:25,000 12-Oct-81 B&W
Lakes Entrance 8422 1:41,000 20-Feb-90 Colour
Lakes Entrance 8422 1:25,000 02-Dec-78 B&W
Leongatha 8021 1:25,000 14-Dec-79 B&W
Lorne 7620 1:25,000 18-May-83 B&W
Maffra 8222 1:25,000 17-Dec-88 Colour
Mallacoota 8823 1:25,000 29-Jan-90 Colour
Manangatang 7427 1:25,000 19-Apr-83 B&W
Mansfield 8123 1:25,000 14-Jan-92 Colour
Maryborough 7623 1:25,000 14-Dec-79 B&W
Mildura 7329 1:25,000 26-Nov-80 B&W
Mildura 7329 1:25,000 03-Jul-92 Colour
Moama (NSW) 7825 1:25,000 19-Oct-90 Colour
Moe 8121 1:40,000 06-Feb-82 B&W
Mooroopna 7925 1:40,000 18-Jan-83 B&W
Mooroopna 7925 1:40,000 05-Nov-90 Colour
Morewell 8121 1:40,000 07-Feb-81 B&W
Mortlake 7421 1:25,000 23-Sep-83 B&W
Mt. Beauty 8324 1:25,000 15-Dec-88 Colour
Mt. Buller 8123 1:25,000 27-Feb-92 Colour
Myrtleford 8224 1:50,000 18-Mar-80 B&W
Nagambie 7924 1:25,000 21-Nov-89 Colour
Nathalia 7925 1:25,000 19-Nov-90 B&W
Nhill 7225 1:25,000 25-Mar-81 B&W
Nowingi 7328 1:20,000 16-Apr-83 B&W
Numurkah 7925 1:50,000 05-Dec-82 B&W
Omeo 8423 1:45,000 09-Jan-77 B&W
Orbost 8522 1:25,000 09-Oct-81 B&W
Ouyen 7327 1:20,000 27-Nov-75 B&W
Paynesville 8422 1:25,000 02-Dec-78 B&W
Phillip Island 7921 1:25,000 28-Nov-89 Colour
Port Campbell 7420 1:25,000 02-Jan-91 Colour
Port Campbell 7420 1:25,000 13-Feb-83 B&W
Port Fairy 7321 1:25,000 03-Jan-81 B&W
Portarlington 7821 1:25,000 04-Feb-84 B&W
Portland 7221 1:25,000 02-Feb-81 B&W
Queenscliff 7821 1:25,000 17-May-84 B&W
Robinvale 7428 1:25,000 13-Dec-88 Colour
Robinvale 7428 1:25,000 20-Apr-83 B&W
Rokewood 7622 1:25,000 16-Sep-81 B&W
Rutherglen 8125 1:25,000 02-May-82 B&W
Sale 8321 1:25,000 27-Nov-78 B&W
Seymour 7923 1:25,000 14-Dec-83 B&W
Shepparton 7925 1:40,000 18-Jan-83 B&W
Shepparton 7925 1:40,000 05-Nov-90 Colour
St. Arnaud 7524 1:25,000 27-Dec-73 B&W
Stawell 7423 1:25,000 30-Oct-79 B&W
Stratford 8322 1:25,000 27-Apr-90 Colour
Swan Hill 7627 1:15,000 18-Apr-83 B&W
Swifts Creek 8423 1:40,000 14-Jan-85 B&W
Traralgon 8221 1:30,000 17-Mar-80 B&W
The Walnuts 8423 1:40,000 14-Jan-85 B&W
Tallangatta 8325 1:25,000 6-Jan-88 Colour
Tidal River 8119 1:40,000 14-Jan-81 B&W
Torquay 7721 1:25,000 19-Feb-84 B&W
Tresthan 7723 1:25,000 12-Oct-81 B&W
Walhalla 8122 1:50,000 12-Mar-80 B&W
Wangaratta 8125 1:25,000 22-Sep-82 B&W
Warracknabeal 7325 1:25,000 23-Mar-81 B&W
Warrnambool 7321 1:25,000 14-Dec-88 Colour
Warragul 8021 1:25,000 02-Oct-79 B&W
Whitfield 8124 1:50,000 07-Apr-82 B&W
Winchelsea 7621 1:25,000 10-Mar-83 B&W
Wodonga 8225 1:25,000 24-Oct-91 Colour
Wodonga 8225 1:25,000 22-Sep-82 B&W
Wonthaggi 8020 1:25,000 14-Dec-79 B&W
Woodend 7823 1:25,000 06-Feb-84 B&W
Yallourn Nth. 8121 1:40,000 06-Feb-82 B&W
Yallourn 8121 1:40,000 06-Feb-82 B&W
Yarragon 8121 1:25,000 14-Oct-91 Colour
Yarram 8220 1:25,000 02-Feb-91 Colour
Yarrawonga 8125 1:25,000 22-Sep-82 B&W
Yea 7923 1:25,000 24-Dec-89 Colour
Yea 7923 1:25,000 24-Dec-89 Colour

Earth observation data

There are many excellent sources of aerial photography, some are free others are subscription based.  

Cartographic referencing and citation

Need help with referencing and citing cartographic material? Visit our Cartographic Citation Guide below: