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New Researchers' Library Guide

A guide to Library resources and services for research staff and graduate research students new to the University of Melbourne

  Data and Information Management

Managing Data @Melbourne

Manage your Information and Data

The library provides a range of services to help you manage your research data in line with national guidelines and standards, including:

  • Managing Data @Melbourne: online training for new researchers.
  • DMP Melbourne: helps you write a Data Management Plan for your project.
  • Expert advice and support with research data management and curation.


Re:cite : helping you manage your citations and references

We also provide training and support to help you manage your references effectively including:

  • Guides on how to choose and get started with reference management software
  • Videos, and online workshops
  • Support via email or Zoom.


Find out more from the Research Data Management video below. Discover 7 more videos from the Researcher@Library Team about getting started with library research here.


Quick Links

  • Managing Data @ Melbourne

    The university's introductory research data management online training program. Six short modules that cover:

    • Fundamental practices of good data management.
    • How to write a research data management plan.

    All new researchers should complete this training



  • DMP Melbourne

    All projects should plan how data will be managed during and after the completion of the project. DMP Melbourne helps you to:

    • Write a Data Management Plan.
    • Share your plan with your co-investigators.
    • Export your plan in different formats.

    Newly funded ARC projects must have a Data Management Plan.


  • Research Computing Services (RCS)

    Connecting researchers with powerful, cutting edge data storage and management systems, virtual desktops and high performance computing to accelerate to accelerate discovery and make innovations possible.

    • Learn when RCS can help you in your work
    • Follow RCS news



Further Support with Managing Information and Data

Research Data Storage and Management Systems

The University provides many options to support your research needs, including solutions for:

  • General data storage
  • Data-intensive research and computing
  • Surveys and participant-based research
  • Code management
  • Data publication and retention

The systems are available to all University staff and graduate researchers. These systems are recommended by the University as they will help you meet your research data obligations. Many allow for collaboration with external users and have features to protect your research data from loss and unintended access.

For additional support, create a request via this Service Now form.

Digital Stewardship Team

The Digital Stewardship team provides expert advice on data stewardship and digital preservation, including:

  • Research data management.
  • Planning, agreements, systems and sustainability.
  • Publishing data and Open Research.

Contact the Digital Stewardship Team:

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