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Statistical and Mathematical Software

Information on where and how to access statistical and mathematical software.

About SAS

SAS is an extremely comprehensive and powerful software system for data management and data analysis. It is portable across different computing environments, providing extensive data manipulation techniques and a range of sophisticated statistical algorithms. SAS consists of the Base SAS module and a number of separate add-on modules.

The SAS Enterprise Guide is a user-friendly, point-and-click Windows client interface that provides quick access to the analytic power of SAS.


Access SAS on Campus

SAS is installed on all Library and StudentIT lab computers. It may also be available in some Faculty and Graduate School labs. SAS is available on myUniApps.

Obtain SAS Software

The Free Edition

SAS ONDEMAND FOR ACADEMICS is free to download.

  • Designed for users learning SAS;
  • Installation process is simpler;
  • Runs in a virtual machine with somewhat limited power;
  • Uses “SAS Studio” (browser-based) as the interface;
  • The SAS Cloud provides up to 5GB of data for easy access. Educators can upload an additional 3GB of course data to share with students.
  • There are some limitations to this version of the program.

The Full Edition - SAS 9.4

This is the paid, licensed version.

The installation files are available from Student IT and a license agreement must be submitted to IT Infrastructure Services in order to gain full access via the university's site license. Students will require assistance from Student IT to do this. Staff may submit the form via Service Now.

See the knowledge base article for SAS (staff access only).

Support Documentation

For technical support and further information about SAS visit their website.

See especially:

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