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Systematic Reviews for Health Sciences and Medicine

An introduction to Systematic Reviews, with examples from Health Sciences and Medicine

1. Setting up your RevMan Account

RevMan facilitates preparation of protocols and full reviews, including text, characteristics of studies, comparison tables, and study data. It can perform meta-analysis of the data entered, and present results graphically.


To access RevMan under the University of Melbourne subscription you first need to register with Cochrane.


Registration with Cochrane must use your Unimelb email address




1. Go to


2 (a). If you already have a Cochrane account, log in.

2 (b). If you don't have a Cochrane account, click SIGN UP NOW and create an account with your unimelb email address.

Cochrane will automatically send a verification email. This may take a few minutes to an hour to arrive.

NOTE: This email may be captured by the Postmaster's Mimecast service so you will need to release it.

Click on the link in the email to verify your email address.

3. Go to


4. Click login to see all applicable discounts


5. The system will recognise the unimelb email and suggest the institutional subscription. 

Click on Subscribe


6. You will receive two emails from Cochrane.

a. Join Cochrane - confirms your subscription

b. An order #..... confirmed.  NOTE - this is not an account you have to pay - the order total will be ZERO

NOTE: These emails may be captured by the Postmaster's Mimecast service so you will need to release them.


7. Close all Cochrane RevMan Windows


2. Accessing the RevMan workspace

1. Go to


2. Click My Reviews


3. Log in using your Cochrane RevMan account credentials


4. Click on My Portfolio to access options to set up a review



1. Visit your portfolio and login using your Cochrane RevMan credentials


2. You should see this page in readiness to start a new review

Help and Tutorials


RevMan YouTube Channel
Includes 8 training videos - updated August 2023

The RevMan Knowledge Base provides instructional material to support users