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Marketing Metrics

Resources on marketing metrics

Marketing Metrics Guide

This guide has been designed to help you find scholarly and other quality resources for your marketing assignments and research and will be relevant for the following courses.

Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing) : The Marketing major will provide you with the tools and skills you need to build relationships with your audience. It offers strategies that help you understand your customers and successfully target their needs. Marketing studies offer vital skills and knowledge to underpin your career growth, whatever path you choose to take.


Master of Management (Marketing) : This program is ideal for students holding undergraduate degrees in areas outside of commerce whose goal may be to assume a managerial position in the marketing and communications field. The program is also suited to commerce students who wish to add marketing to their portfolio.

Master of Marketing : The program will broaden your general management skills and enhance your strategic marketing prowess through a greater understanding of consumer behaviour, product and brand management, market research, data analysis and other areas.

Master of Marketing Communications : Be part of the merging sectors of marketing and communication by cultivating your future as a professional. The Master of Marketing Communications arms you with disciplinary-specific knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise that gives you the adaptive capabilities to thrive in this ever-changing profession.

Doctoral Program in Marketing : The Melbourne Business School five-year doctoral program in marketing offers students an opportunity to work with award-winning academics who actively shape marketing theory and practice. Taught by the Department of Management and Marketing, our academics have built a teaching and research profile of international significance and are leading researchers who regularly consult with corporate, government and NGO sectors and publish in the world's premier marketing journals.

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Marketing Metrics