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Research Impact for Fine Arts and Music

What is Web of Science?

Web of Science Core Collection provides access to authoritative, multidisciplinary content in over 12,000 journals including Open Access and conference proceedings. 

Things to consider:

  • Coverage of journals and other publications within the creative arts is not extensive, although researchers within music therapy, music psychology and education may find more results.
  • You can create an account within Web of Science to save your records as you find them.
  • In addition to Basic Search, you may also check Author Search and Cited Reference Search.

Finding individual articles in Web of Science

Finding individual publication metrics using Web of Science

Campbell, A. 2011. "From Bogeyman to Bison; A Herd-like Amnesia of HIV/AIDS in Theatre?" Theatre Research International 36(3): 196-212. doi: 10.1017/S0307883311000447

  1. Use Basic Search (or Advanced Search) to search for the output title.
  2. The Times cited entry on the search page will tell you how many citations have been found for this title. You can click on this number to go straight to the list of citing documents.

  1. Clicking on the article title will take you to the overview detail for that article. On the right you can see the Web of Science citation information for that article. Click on See more counts to view results from other resources.

Using Author Search in Web of Science

Using Author Search to find multiple publications

  1. Click on + More to access Author search and select it. Enter your search terms and click Finish Search
  2. The results screen will display all titles that match your search terms. To access results for an individual author, click on Article Groups at the top of the screen.

  1. To select an individual from the results list, check the box and click View records. (Note: If you are looking for your own name, you can select more than one entry and click on Add to ResearcherID - I wrote these to group them together.)
  2. You can then select individual articles or click on Create Citation Report to view an overview.

Example Citation Report

Cited Reference Search in Web of Science

Cited Reference Search is another way to find citations for your publication. You can search by Cited Author, Cited Work (the whole journal or book title), Cited Title (title of the individual article or chapter) and more.

  1. From the search page, select Cited Reference Search.
  2. Enter the information about the selected work. You can change the menu option from Cited Author to whatever is appropriate. Enter as much information as you think would be helpful and click Search.

  1. From the results table, select the references that meet your requirements and click Finish Search.

  1. You will then get a list of articles that have cited your chosen work.