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Research Impact for Fine Arts and Music

What is ProQuest?

ProQuest provides a variety of databases and indexes covering a wide range of subject areas.

Particular ProQuest databases may be searched depending on your specialisation. Databases often included are:

  • ProQuest Central
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • "The Arts Databases" or individually:
    • Music Periodicals Database
    • Performing Arts Periodicals Database
    • International Bibliography of Arts
    • ArtBibliographies Modern
    • Arts and Humanities Database

Things to consider:

  • Different database sets will have different search options.
  • There is no option to search by cited author/publication title when searching the Arts databases all at once. However, the option may be available if you're searching individual databases (ie. Music Periodicals Databases or Art Bibliographies Modern).
  • It may be useful to document your search process (including search terms and databases searched) to avoid duplicating effort and results over time.

Finding individual articles in ProQuest

Helyard, Erin, Vivaldi and Antonio, Michael. 2010. "Juditha Triumphans Devicta Holofernis Barbarie, rv644." Eighteenth-Century Music; Cambridge 7(1): 138-140. doi:10.1017/S1478570609990613

  1. Use Advanced Search to search for author and article. Use quotation marks if you know the exact title of the article.
  2. The results list will indicate citations by a link for Cited by in the article details.
  3. Click on the relevant Cited by link to bring up a list of citing articles.

Using Author search in ProQuest

Using Author Search to find multiple publications

You can search for multiple variations of an author name. In Advanced Search, select 'Author' from the drop down menu, and then click on Look up authors. This will provide a list of author names found in the database.

Enter search terms for your author (ie surname), and then select all variations that could be a match. This will enter all marked names in the search field for you.

You can now enter an article title, or additional information if helpful, or just search for the author names.

Cited information search in ProQuest

Cited information search

You can also search by cited information. In Advanced search, select the relevant option from the drop down menu (cited author, cited document title, etc). This will search for your search terms where they appear in the references of other documents. It may be helpful to search for multiple parameters at once (ie cited author AND cited document title).

NOTE: Doing this in combination with a straight author or article search will result in duplicated citations, but there are often some unique citations also picked up in the process.‚Äč