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Data dashboard to support your research case

Publications - Data source

Dimensions harvests publication metadata from:

  • CrossRef
  • PubMed Central
  • Open Citation Data,and content publisher sites.

Publications data is updated daily.

Dimensions publications

Publications in Dimensions includes preprints, journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings relating to research from across the globe.

To see a complete list of all source titles covered in Dimensions, open “Analytical views” while searching the publications data source, and then go to the “Source titles” tab. This will list all of the publishing houses and source titles within the results from your search. When this is done with no search in the search bar it will list all Source titles found in Dimensions.

Publications can also now be filtered by five different Open Access classes, i.e. All OA; Gold; Green (published); Green (accepted & submitted); Closed.

There are currently approximately 96m articles, books and chapters in the index. They are continually been added to. Roughly half of these have enhanced full text pdf's included.