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Data dashboard to support your research case

My Research Profile

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1. In Dimensions, from the Filters menu (left side) expand 'Researcher' and find/select yourself, expand 'Research Organization' and find 'The University of Melbourne'

2. Click the 'Limit to' button at the bottom.

3. Publications, Grants, Patents, Clinical Trials and Policy Documents are listed.

4. In the 'Analytical View' a more detailed breakdown of the results is listed. For example, Research categories.

NOTE: Overview, Education & Experience material is produced via the ORCID website and is therefore reliant on your ORCID profile being kept up to date.

Use Dimensions to add publications to your ORCiD record

I want to claim publications from my ORCiD record through Dimensions.

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1. Make sure your signed into Dimensions. If your not signed in already, sign in or create an account and then sign in.

2. Authenticate with ORCiD.
Click on your name in the top navigation bar and select "Connect with ORCiD". Follow the instructions: you will be asked to login to ORCiD and grant Dimensions to access your ORCiD record, allowing us to update your record.

3. Claim papers.

  • Publications can be claimed via author or publication search results by clicking "Add to ORCiD".
  • Indexing new claims from your ORCID record currently takes approximately 8 weeks (It can take up to 8 weeks until your new claims will be incorporated into your public Dimensions profile).