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Canadian Legal Research Guide

Official / Authorised Report Series

There are currently two official report series in Canada: the Supreme Court Reports (SCR) and the Federal Courts Reports (FCR)

Supreme Court Reports (SCR)

Published under the title Canada Supreme Court Reports/Recueils des arrêts de la Cour suprême du Canada. From 1970 to current, this series isully bilingual with text in English and French in two columns.

  • Previously entitled:
    • 1876 - 1922: Reports of the Supreme Court of Canada (in English only).
    • 1923 - 1963: Canada Law Reports: Supreme Court of Canada (published in French or English as written by the judge and no translation into the other official language available).
    • 1964 -1969: Canada Law Reports: Supreme Court of Canada / Rapports judicaires du Canada: Cour suprême du Canada (published in French or English as written by the judge and no translation into the other official language available).

Print holdings:


  • HeinOnline (UniMelb staff & student access): from 1876-current. These are PDFs of the original print reports.
  • Supreme Court of Canada website (open access): from 1876 - current. In Word and PDF format. The PDF versions of all decisions are identical to the authorised version available in the Supreme Court Reports (apart from approximately the latest 12 months - these decisions are available but as yet unreported) and are treated as authorised.

Federal Courts Reports (FCR)

Please note: this official report series was formerly entitled the Federal Court Reports (FC), which were published from 1971-2003. From 2004 the report series became the Federal Courts Reports (FCR).

Print holdings:


  • Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada (open access): from 1992 to current. Full text volumes in PDF are available from 2007. Browse by volume, date, neutral citation, case name or subject.
  • Lexis Advance (UniMelb staff & student access): from 1971 to current. Direct link - Federal Courts ReportsThis source contains the full text of decisions reported in the official Federal Courts Reports in English. Note that you cannot browse through the contents - you can only do a search in this database.

The Exchequer Court of Canada (1875-1971) was replaced by the Federal Court of Canada in 1971. The Exchequer Court Reports are also an authorised report series. The full set of reports (1877 to 1971) are available on Lexis Advance (UniMelb staff & student access). Change the jurisdiction from Australia to Canada >>keyword>> type Exchequer Court Reports>> select Add Publication as Filter.

Unofficial Report Series - print and online


The following unofficial report series are available online on WestlawNext Canada (UniMelb staff & student access): 

Click BestCase Library on the right side of the homepage to see the list of reports:

  • Canadian Criminal Cases (CCC) 1898 to current
  • Dominion Law Reports (DLR) 1912 to current
  • Labour Arbitration Cases (LAC) 1948 to current
  • Land Compensation Reports (LCR) 1971 to current
  • Ontario Municipal Tribunal Reports (OMTR) (Previously Ontario Municipal Board Reports)
  • All-Canada Weekly Summaries (ACWS)
  • Weekly Criminal Bulletin (WCB)
  • Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries (CLAS)


The Law Library holds a number of unofficial / unauthorised report series in print on Level 4, including: 

Unreported judgments

Databases containing unreported judgments from multiple courts and tribunals

 For more information about these databases, see the Finding Cases on a Topic page in this Guide.

Judgments from Individual Courts

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada: decisions are added to this website immediately after public release of the judgments by the Court. The database includes all judgments back to 1907, many judgments back to 1876, and all judgments in leave applications since 2006. All decisions from 1876 to 2010 are pdf replicas of the official Supreme Court Reports.

Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal decisions: over 10,000 decisions from both courts since 1997.

Many individual court websites also have recent unreported judgments. For a list of the relevant court websites, see this Department of Justice page.