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Canadian Legal Research Guide

Canadian Law Reform Commissions

The federal Law Commission of Canada (formerly the Law Reform Commission of Canada) ceased operations in December 2006. 

  • Publications of the LCC (reports, working papers etc) are available:
    • on the website of the Library and Archives of Canada (open access)
    • in print in the Law Library on Level 4 - Call number: Rep LRC Canada. Individual report titles can be found in the Library catalogue

See also the Uniform Law Conference of Canada website

  • The ULCC was founded in 1918 to harmonise the laws of the provinces and territories of Canada, and where appropriate federal laws also. The ULCC also makes recommendations for changes to federal criminal legislation based on identified deficiencies, defects or gaps in the existing law, or based on problems created by judicial interpretation of existing law.

Provincial law reform agencies:

For more information, see the Federation of Law Reform Agencies of Canada website.

The BC Law Institute's Law Reform Database contains law reform commission reports from the major Commonwealth countries, including Canada. Links are provided to reports that are available online in full-text.