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Research Impact for STEMM - a self-help guide

This guide will assist researchers in the STEMM disciplines to find bibliometrics to demonstrate the impact of their research outputs.

Author Metrics

In this section we have included metrics that look at the overall output of an author rather than individual articles.
Please use the sub menu for instructions on generating these metrics. 


The h-index is method of measuring the productivity and impact of a researcher's work and is calculated using the number of publications with a citation number greater than or equal to h.

Example: An author with 20 publications that have at least 20 citations each will have a h-index of 20

Tools: Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar


The h5-index is calculated in the same way as the h-index but is limited to the past five years only

Tools: SciVal

Field Weighted
Citation Impact

Field Weighted Citation Impact is calculated using the ratio of citations received relative to the expected world average for the subject field, publication type and publication year. Our example in this section looks at the overall output of an author.

Tools: SciVal (metric for single articles can be viewed in Scopus)

Category Normalized Citation Impact

Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) is an indicator of impact normalized for subject focus, age, and document type. A CNCI value of one represents performance at par with world average, values above one are considered above average, and values below one are considered below average. A CNCI value of two is considered twice the world average.                   

Tools: Incites Benchmarking.

Note: some grant schemes do not allow the use of h-index in grant applications, e.g. NHMRC. Refer to scheme-specific rules to determine what information should be included. Funding rules change from year to year.

Example Statement

My work has been well received. My h-index is already 11 from 24 publications (Scopus)


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