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Research Impact for STEMM - a self-help guide

This guide will assist researchers in the STEMM disciplines to find bibliometrics to demonstrate the impact of their research outputs.


Example Statement

My work has been well received. My h-index is already 11 from 24 publications (Scopus). I received training in the field of neuroimaging from renowned world expert Prof. Labry (h-index 87 - Scopus) at the National Institute of Health.

h-index Scopus


1. Go to Scopus

2. Change the search mode from 'Documents' to 'Authors'

3. Enter the author surname and initial and search

4. From the results click on the hyperlinked author name to go to the profile

5. View the h-index or click 'view h-graph' for further detail

h-index Web of Science


1. Go to Web of Science

2. From the top tab options, select 'Researchers'

3. Enter the author's last name, first name and middle initials and click 'Search'

4. From the results, click on the hyperlinked name of the researcher

5. The right side panel will provide some metrics.

6. Click on 'View Citation Report'


h-index Google Scholar


1. Go to Google Scholar

2. Type the full name of the author

3. If a profile exists for the author, it will appear at the top of the results list

4. Click on the link to view the profile and h-index

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