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Research Impact for STEMM - a self-help guide

This guide will assist researchers in the STEMM disciplines to find bibliometrics to demonstrate the impact of their research outputs.

Benchmarking versus 'like academics' or global field of research

Example Statement

My work has regularly received a higher citation rate than the average for the field of paediatrics. My publications and citations per paper are comparable with five other researchers in the field that began their careers at around the same time and with whom I am collaborating.



1. Go to SciVal

2. Go to Compare and then All Metrics

3. From the left side panel select Researchers and Groups

4. Select your name from the list*

5. Add other researchers to this panel by following the Define New Researcher instructions below. Select each researcher to add to the set.

6. From the All subject areas drop down menu at the top, select the required subject area

7. Set Metric 1 to desired field; Use Metric 2 and Metric 3 if required to cross-benchmark against other values


*If you have yet to Define a new researcher follow these steps

1. Go to  Explore

2. Select the Entity List Button

3. Select the Researchers and Groups option

4. From the bottom of this panel select +Create/Import

5. Select Define a new Researcher

6. Enter Last Name / First Name and then Search

7. From the results, select the required Researcher and then click Directly go to Save Researcher

Incites: Benchmarking & Analytics













1. Go to Incites

2. Go to the Researcher module

3. You can Hide the visualization to help focus on the results data at the bottom of the screen

4. Add Researchers to benchmark

5. If necessary Pin the Researchers records to create a Baseline result

6. Configure the Indicators to desired fields

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