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Research Impact for STEMM - a self-help guide

This guide will assist researchers in the STEMM disciplines to find bibliometrics to demonstrate the impact of their research outputs.

Mentions in policy documents

Example Statement

My publication on climate change and public health has been cited in 7 international policy documents.

Five of my publications since 2015 have been cited in 39 policy documents.



1. Go to Overton (Account setup required)

2. Select the Search People tab and enter your name and search

3. You may be presented with a number of name options, select your profile

4. Hover over the Explore button and select "See policy documents linked to the selected people"

The results will show policy documents as well as the publication that has been cited

Selections from the left panel allow you to modify the and record the results

To view an overview chart of your contribution, select See Report


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