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Keeping up to date in Law

European Union Cases 

The EUR-Lex cases website (open access) provides EU Civil Service Tribunal, General Court and Court of Justice decisions. Decisions include:

  1. Judgments and orders including:
    • cases brought by EU institutions, Member States, corporate bodies or individuals against an EU institution or the European Central Bank
    • cases brought against EU Member States for failing to fulfil their obligations under the EU treaties
    • national courts' requests for preliminary rulings concerning the validity or interpretation of EU law
    • disputes between the EU and its staff
  2. Opinions and views of Advocates General
  3. Opinions of the Court on draft agreements between the EU and non-EU countries or international organisations

You can be alerted to new decisions via RSS feed.

1. From the EUR-Lex Home Page, select 'EU Case Law' from the EU Law and Related Documents dropdown menu on the top menu bar.

2. Select the RSS feeds button on the right hand menu. 

3. Choose either 'Case-law of the Court of Justice' or 'All Case-law' from the menu at the left of the screen ('All Case-law' includes decisions from the EU Civil Service Tribunal, General Court and Court of Justice)

4. You will be taken to the RSS Feed page, from where you can subscribe to the feed.