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Keeping Up to Date in Law

Explore your options for setting up and managing alerts for case law, legislation and other legal scholarship

Bills Before Parliament 

If you want to track the progress of bills as they go through the UK parliament, you can do this very easily on the UK Parliament website. First, choose the Bill you are interested in, then select email or RSS:

You will receive an alert when the Bill reaches a new stage on its journey through parliament, when new Bill documents are published when the Bill is republished, and when it receives royal assent and becomes an Act.

Legislation & Draft Legislation (Acts & Statutory Instruments)

Legislation & Draft Legislation (Acts & Statutory Instruments)

The easiest ways to keep up with recently enacted legislation and newly published draft legislation is via the website. You can sign up for RSS feeds for the following categories, but subject RSS feeds are not available:

  • All Legislation (excluding drafts)
  • UK Public General Acts
  • UK Statutory Instruments
  • Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Northern Ireland Orders in Council
  • Northern Ireland Statutory Rules
  • Acts of the Scottish Parliament
  • Scottish Statutory Instruments
  • Acts of the National Assembly for Wales
  • Wales Statutory Instruments
  • All Draft Legislation
  • UK Draft Statutory Instrument
  • Scottish Draft Statutory Instruments
  • Northern Ireland Draft Statutory Rules

Government Publications

Foreign is an official government website that aims to bring together the content of all UK governmental departments into a single website. Through this website you can set up email and RSS alerts which will be sent to you each time the government publishes something new in one of the following categories:

  • Policies
  • Publications
  • Consultations
  • Statistics
  • Announcements

First, select the type of information you are interested in from the black bar at the top of the screen.

Once you have done this you will be presented with a list of options on the left-hand side of the page.

When you have selected the kind of information you are interested in or run your keyword search, you should then click on either the email or RSS icon next to where is says "Get updates to this list":