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Recent Books on Malaysian Law

Individual Malaysian Law Journal Titles

The Malayan Law Journal contains both law reports and scholarly articles. It is an important source of scholarship on Malaysian law. It is available:

  • In print: on Level 4 of the Law Library 1932 - 2014
  • Online on Lexis + Australia (UniMelb staff & student access): Malayan Law Journal Articles 1992 - current.

Shariah Law Reports Articles (online on Lexis + Australia (UniMelb staff & student access) 2004 to current.

Note: the articles in these journals are not indexed in the major legal indexing databases such as Index to Legal Periodicals. So to search comprehensively for journal articles on Malaysian law, we advise you to search these journals in addition to using the databases recommended in the box below.  

Finding Journal Articles on Malaysian Law

To search for journal articles on Malaysian law, irrespective of the journal in which the articles appear, see the Finding Journal Articles on South East Asian Law box on the Books & Journals page under the Regional Resources tab in this Guide. The databases listed in this box allow you to search hundreds of journals at the same time.

Most online journal article databases begin coverage in the 1980s. To find earlier articles, use the print Index to Singapore/Malaysia Legal Periodicals 1932-1984 (1986)

The CLJ Law database (UniMelb staff & student access) includes an up to date full text Journal Article Index, comprising articles from 1981 to current written in Malaysian Current Law Journal publications and the Legal Network Series. This database can be browsed or searched.

Recent Open Access Articles & Book Chapters on SSRN